Bitola Shakespeare Festival

Bitola Shakespeare Festival is a project of the National Theatre Bitola and takes place on several stages in the theatre as well as in outdoor open spaces, like the Ancient Theatre of Heraclea, which is 2 km from Bitola, and it is the most attractive site.

The idea of organizing the Bitola Shakespeare Festival was born in London 2012 while the theatre was participating in Globe to Globe Festival, and as many productions of Shakespeare’s plays had already been staged in our Theatre – the first professional theatre in Macedonia – we found it interesting and provocative to start such a festival in Bitola, a city rich in history and culture.

Every year we put on the costumes and the makeup and recreate the world of Shakespeare. For reading Shakespeare, directing his work, performing and attending the plays is nothing less than a life philosophy.

The tempting repertoire of the Festival and the high quality of Shakespeare story telling by the artistic and creative ensemble of the National Theatre of Bitola, and by the visiting theatres and companies from all around the world, presents audiences with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and above all – have fun.

Apart from numerous plays and performances, the festival hosts workshops for actors and dramaturgs as well as discussions that give everyone the opportunity to explore and learn about the work of Shakespeare with hosts and guests. Bitola always has a wide audience during the season but we believe that the Shakespeare Festival contributes to increasing that number and allows us to expand our possibilities for collaboration, especially international collaboration, bringing a different experience for our audiences but also for theatre professionals, from Macedonia and all over the world.

In the editions so far, we have welcomed many renowned theatre companies but also small productions, workshops, discussions and concerts. We have hosted companies from our region such as from Serbia, Albania and Bulgaria but also from China, USA, Mexico, Russia, Holland, Poland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, England and many other countries.

Bitola Shakespeare Festival is a great opportunity for other theatre companies from Macedonia to stage more productions by Shakespeare and all in all, the festival is an inspiration for us to continue with enthusiasm and productive hard work and dedication in order to present theatre lovers with an unforgettable experience.



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Itaka Shakespeare Festival in Serbia30.06 – 06.07 2022

Itaka Shakespeare Festival presents contemporary world productions of William Shakespeare’s plays.

The festival is held annually, in June, in the beautiful setting of a castle on the Danube bank in Čortanovci (a village in Serbia in the Municipality of Indjija, the Province of Vojvodina) – in Villa Stanković, one of the most picturesque summer residencies in Serbia, modelled after medieval castles in Lombardy. The festival was founded in 2014, on the initiative of Nikita Milivojević, and is organized by the Itaka Art Centre in Indjija.

The principal idea of the festival is to treasure the work of the world’s preeminent dramatist by presenting an attractive theatre programme under the open sky, as it was done in Shakespeare’s times. Besides the main schedule of performances, the programme also presents a wide range of multimedia and educational activity.

Although a relative newcomer to the circuit, the festival is already a major attraction and is listed as among the top 10 national cultural events.


Previous editions of the festival have already presented to Serbian audiences many important theaters from all around the world: Shakespeare’s Globe (London, UK), Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre (Tbilisi, Georgia), Ljubljana City Theatre (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Belarus Free Theatre (London, UK), Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio (Hong Kong, China), National Theatre(Belgrade, Serbia), Catatonia Theatre Group (Tehran, Iran), Parrabbola (London, UK), C for Circus (Athens, Greece), Maria Joao Ogre (Lisbon, Portugal), The Company Theatre (Mumbai, India), Zagreb Youth Theater (Zagreb, Croatia),  Dreams Come True (Switzerland / France / Spain), The Q Brothers (Chicago, USA), and plans for the future include many more international collaborations.

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The Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival27.07 – 07.08 2022

Ours is an International theatre festival devoted to William Shakespeare– the only such festival in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. The festival has taken place regularly since 1997, at the end of July and beginning of August, but its beginnings date back to 1993 and the first Gdańsk Shakespeare Days initiated by the Theatrum Gedanense Foundation. Since 2008, the festival has been organized by the Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival and the Theatrum Gedanense Foundation and has presented more than two hundred theatre groups from Poland and abroad – Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Iceland, Georgia, South Korea, United States, Israel, Japan, Iran and Argentina to name a few. Festival guests have included the most acknowledged interpreters of Shakespeare such as: Peter Brook, Luk Perceval, Romeo Castellucci, Elizabeth LeCompte, Lev Dodin,

Oskaras Koršunovas, Robert Sturua, Silviu Purcarete, Declan Donellan and Eimuntas Nekrošius.

The event is accompanied by the prestigious national competition for the Best Shakespeare Production with the Golden Yorick as the main prize. ShakespeareOFF is a festival strand of alternative theatre and fringe presentations inspired by Shakespeare from Poland and abroad. Since 2017 it also includes a competition.

Our festival is a place to experience actors, animators and critics from around the globe. From 2014 the Festival has had its own main venue in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, a brand new building giving unusual possibilities for creating theatre productions. The theatre has an opening roof which allows for performances in daylight, while an adaptable stage and auditorium means that the theatre can be configured as a traditional Italian ‘box’ stage, Elizabethan thrust stage, in the round, or even as a room with a 400 m2 of a flat surface as needed. These features provide many inspirations and new opportunities for artists, directors, and designers. The festival organizers have been developing their cultural ties with organisations from around the world through the creation of international projects and co-productions. The festival also initiated the European Shakespeare Festivals Network (ESFN) which was founded in Gdańsk and has its headquarters there.

Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival is the only festival in Poland, and one of just five in Europe, to receive the prestigious EFFE Award – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe – which is the European Festivals Association’s mark of recognition for Europe’s most exciting arts festivals and which is given by European Festivals Association with the support of European Commission and European Parliament .

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Shakespeare Festival at Globe Neuss

It’s All Shakespeare! – The Globe and its Festival.

The visitor to the spacious city-centre racecourse in Neuss catches a sudden glimpse of an unusual, twelve-sided building with black and white shutters at its windows, standing under high poplars, between the betting-hall and the enclosure: The Globe.

This unconventional theatre – a construction of several storeys made of wood and steel – has stood on this site since 1991. With more than 500 seats, the audience sits close to each other in a semi-circle on three different levels, the actors on the stage seem near enough to touch. It is almost as if the audience is being asked to play a part, which in fact does happen from time to time. Theatre here is a real experience!

The only regular German Shakespeare Festival shows for one-month productions from all over the world.

Whether from Spain, Hungary or – naturally – Great Britain: companies such as “HOPPart” or “Propeller“ awaken our curiosity by their very names. What kind of magic will they work on stage? Creativity is of the essence, as the directors often have to do without complicated sets. Very much in the true spirit of Shakespearean theatre, it is the art of the actor which takes centre stage here. Their language, gestures and expressions, the costumes, the effective lighting and – last but not least – the theatre itself, in all its challenging simplicity, come together to create what can be called “typically Globe“.

Spot on! Whether it’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo et Juliette or Romeo e Giulietta, in which language do the lovers’ oaths sound most beautiful? Perhaps in German? German theatre companies are, of course, members of the inner circle of the tried and tested “Globe family“. The performances of the Bremer Shakespeare Company, with which the whole festival actually began, are legendary. By the way, this festival is not limited to onstage activity. It extends out into the welcoming (Shakes)-beer garden and the truly dreamlike world of the transformed, candlelit betting-hall, where actors, Neuss theatre people and guests happily carouse deep into the night: – just like the Wooden “O” in Elizabethan London 400 years ago, where food and drink were a natural complement to the pleasures of eye and ear.

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Craiova International Shakespeare Festival19.05 – 29.05 2022

The International Shakespeare Festival in Romania was founded in Craiova, in 1994 and for the first five editions took place every three years. Since 2006, it has taken place every two years. The main organizers of the festival are the ”Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, Craiova, and the “William Shakespeare” Foundation. Since 2006, the Festival has also taken place in Bucharest, in collaborations with ArCub-Bucharest, with the Romanian Cultural Institute and with the Nottara Theatre, involving new audiences and diversifying its events. Some of the performances presented in Craiova have been also presented in several locations in the Oltenia region.

So far festival has presented works  of the most famous international directors such as Peter Brook, Robert Wilson, Declan Donnellan, Lev Dodin, Eimuntas Nekrosius, and Silviu Purcarete, Thomas Ostermeier, Oskaras Korsunovas, Yoshihiro Kurita, Yun Taek-Lee, Elizabeth LeCompte, Eimuntas Nekrosius . It gives opportunity for theatre professionals and audiences to compare, discuss, comment, and debate. In 2012, the motto of the International Shakespeare Festival was ”All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”, and the highlight was the Berliner Ensemble’s ”Shakespeare’s Sonnets” directed by Robert Wilson. The 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth was celebrated in ”Everybody’s Shakespeare” Festival in 2014, and, in 2016, the 10th Shakespeare Festival in Romania marked the 400 years from Bard’s death in an edition titled ”Shakespeare for All Time”. In this festival, we were honoured to present Yukio Ninagawa’s last Shakespearian production, Richard II. In 2018, the ”Planet Shakespeare” edition united performances from every continent. The title of the 2020 Craiova International Shakespeare Festival was”William Shakespeare the Universal”.

The Festival also includes seminars and conferences; workshops on acting, directing, design and criticism; film projections of famous performances; symphonic concerts; theatre design, painting, photographic and philatelic exhibitions, as well as theatre book and DVD launches.

A great number of foreign and Romanian theatre critics have attended the festival through the years, and record their opinion that it is one of the best thematic European festivals. Craiova International Shakespeare Festival was awarded the Prize for Excellence granted by Uniter, the Romanian Theatre Association.

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York International Shakespeare Festival

The York International Shakespeare Festival is a major new cultural venture for York and for the North of England developed in partnership by the York Theatre Royal, the University of York and Parrabbola.

With a 2000 year history, York is at one and the same time both Roman and Medieval, a military and mercantile centre, with a Victorian industrial heritage and a thriving modern outlook. One of the most beautiful and most historic cities in Britain, York was the powerhouse of the North of England in Shakespearean times and is the ideal location to reflect on the variety and complexity of Shakespeare as Europe’s playwright.

Launched in 2015, and presented every two years, the festival features exciting and adventurous artists both from around the world and from closer to home, with a focus on the Shakespeare of the North. We particularly showcase the work of theatre companies and artists making work in York and the North of England, while welcoming international artists from around the world.  As well as productions of the plays, Shakespeare’s lives and afterlives across other media – including film, music and fine art – are explored as part of the programme. There are family friendly events for children and an international conference for academics. Young people produce a series of events designed to appeal to young audiences.

With performances across the city, and not only in the theatres and performance venues but on the streets, in parks and churches and simply popping up where you least expect them, and with an influx of Shakespeareans from around the world, for the ten days of the Festival – York becomes the city of Shakespeare.

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Gyula Shakespeare Festival

Since 2005 Gyula Castle Theatre has been organising an international Shakespeare the court of the only gothic brick fortress that has survived in Central-Europe. The one week long Shakespeare Festival is part of a six-week all-arts festival program which features the best performances.of historical dramas, different forms of contemporary theatre, opera, musicals, ballet, modern dance, jazz, blues, puppet-shows, classical music, folk-music and folk-dance. Not only the court of the fortress is turned into a theatre, but programmes of great variety are available on the nearby lake-stage and on stages set up at different places in the town.

Each year the Shakespeare Festival contains one new production from Gyula, presented several times. In addtion the Festival welcomes acclaimed Hungarian and International theatrical performances – companies such as Flute Theatre from England, South Korea’s Yohangza Theatre Company and Mokwha Repertory Company, the Georgian Rustavelli National Theatre, The Globe Theatre from London, Craiova National Theatre and the Teatrul Metropolis from Bucharest. The festival has already hosted international productions by Peter Brook, Oskaras Korsunovas, Eimuntas Nekrosius, Silviu Purcarete, Andrei Serban, Robert Sturua, Oh Tae Suh, as well as the best Hungarian artists and directors such as like László Bocsárdi, Csaba Horváth, Árpád Schilling, János Szász, Attila Vidnyánszky and Sándor Zsótér.


In addition to the main programme, festival guests can enjoy a renaissance and modern music concerts, street theatre performances, alternative theatrical performances, student performances, film screenings, Shakespeare conferences, and food from Shakespeare’s time – a festival of gastronomy. All these events give the festival a unique flavour.




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Summer Shakespeare Festival Ostrava

The Shakespeare Festival at the Silesian-Moravian Castle is a part of a large Czech-Slovak project called The Summer Shakespeare Festival, which was organized for the first time at the Prague Castle in 1998.


In Ostrava the festival is produced by PaS de Theatre s.r.o. company. It is the largest dramatic festival in the City of Ostrava and in the Moravian-Silesian region itself. Since 2008 the festival has been visited by about 150,000 spectators. All performances are presented on a purpose-built open-air stage.


The festival produces its own Shakespeare production every second year; over the years, we have premiered The Comedy of Errors, Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, Love’s Labour’s Lost and Hamlet. Alongside our own productions, we often host international performances – for example from Poland, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Australia.

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Yerevan International Shakespeare Theater Festival17.10 – 22.10 2022

Yerevan International Shakespeare Theater Festival was founded in 2004 by director Hakob Ghazanchyan and Shakespeare scholar Andrzej Żurowski. For the first three years, only festivals of monodrama performances were held and the mono performances with a Shakespearean subject were invited to Yerevan.

Yerevan Shakespeare International Theatre Festival hosted productions from various countries such as USA, Macedonia, Italy Russia, Poland, Georgia with more than 100 participants and guests.

Productions were presented across five theatres in Yerevan as well as in the theatre in Gyumri, offering the chance to see Shakespeare interpreted through drama, musical and multimedia performances. Among the performances were „Anthony and Cleopatra” and „Othello” from Bitola National Theatre (Macedonia), „Julius Caesar” and „Richard The Third” from Lit Moon Theater (USA), „Much Udo From Nothing” from Subbota theater (St Petersburg), „Eight Shades of Juliet” from Catalyst Company (Italy) and ”The Tempest” from Movement Theater (Georgia)

The festival organizers also offered masterclasses for professionals, students and everyone interested in the theatre, as well as talks and opportunities to meet the artists.

Festival director Karo Balyan highlights the importance of the festival in the Armenian cultural life connecting it with the long lasting Shakespearean traditions of the country – which of course include this festival – originally presented as a festival of monodrama with a first edition in 2004.


With a new impetus since 2016, the staff of the festival seeks to engage more and more people with each edition, and to make the  Yerevan Shakespeare International Theatre Festival, Armenia’s annual celebration of Shakespeare’s art.


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Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle29.07 – 07.08 2022

The Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle Kronborg is a venue for global performing arts and the Shakespeare Festival takes place in August under the aegis of HamletScenen, Scandinavia’s most important and innovative Shakespeare theatre company.

The Shakespeare Festival presents world-class performing art. Every year the castle buzzes with an international ambience, when guest companies, audiences and artists from all over the world assemble in the purpose-built theatre which sits over the moat of the castle, making performances highly atmospheric.

The Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle Kronborg claims the longest- standing continuous Shakespeare performance tradition in the world, dating back to 1816, when Hamlet was performed at the Castle for the very first time, in its characteristic square turret. It is a unique Shakespeare tradition, which now also offers Shakespeare Open Air Cinema and Shakespeare in Concert, along with workshops, lectures and master classes and performances of all of Shakespeare’s plays by exciting international companies and artists as part of the Festival. But the theatrical tradition of Kronborg Castle dates back even further to the late 16th century when King Frederik II of Denmark often hosted entertainments by travelling players in the ballroom. These actors included William Kempe, Thomas Pope and George Bryan (1586/87), who, together with the man who was to become the most famous actor and playwright in the world William Shakespeare, later founded the theatre company known as the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. This theatrical-historical coincidence was subsequently to win the harbour town of Elsinore a place on the world map, when Shakespeare, in his pioneering renaissance drama, expanded upon Saxo Grammaticus’s story of Prince Hamlet, who is exhorted by the ghost of his father to perpetrate an honour killing on his fratricidal uncle. Shakespeare chose Kronborg Castle in Elsinore as the setting for Hamlet’s humanist fight for freedom and his break with the medieval principle of vendetta in the phrase: “To be or not to be. That is the question”.

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Shakespeare’s Globe

Since the Globe Theatre reconstruction opened for performances in 1997, Shakespeare’s Globe has welcomed visitors from all over the world to take part in workshops, lectures and staged readings; to visit the exhibition and tour the Globe Theatre, and to watch productions. The rebuilding of the iconic building, which stands a few hundred yards from its original site, was inspired and driven by the pioneering American actor and director Sam Wanamaker.

Now, a diverse programme of work harnesses the power of performance, cultivates intellectual curiosity and excites learning to make Shakespeare accessible for all.

Globe to Globe was an international celebration of Shakespeare, which began with the 2012 Globe to Globe festival, produced as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The Globe to Globe Festival hosted 37 productions of Shakespeare’s plays in 37 different languages over a six-week period. The festival was primarily intended to be an experiment with foreign language Shakespeare in the languages of London, however, it also aimed to discover how important Shakespeare is to the rest of the world. More than 100,000 people attended the performances, 80% of whom had not previously been to the Globe.

Between April 2014 and April 2016. Shakespeare’s Globe undertook a global tour of Hamlet which saw a small company of actors travel to all nations in the world to stage Hamlet in a huge range of unique and atmospheric venues, from town squares to national theatres.

Festival continues at Shakespeare’s Globe in London – when  the Globe invites a number of world-class productions, in a variety of languages, to play alongside its own work.

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Shakespeare’s Festival of Catalonia [suspended]

The Shakespeare Festival was born in 2003 in Santa Susanna, a small town in the Maresme region (Catalonia – Spain).

In 2008, the festival moved to Mataró, the capital of the region, where the audience enjoyed its presence until 2010. Although we intended to spread our project throughout the Catalan territory, it was the city of Barcelona that hosted the 10th edition of Shakespeare Festival in 2013.

Managed by La Perla 29, the headquarters of the new festival is the Library of Catalonia, placed in a very heart of the Raval district. We hope that the Gothic nave of the Library will become a special place for our Shakespeare Lovers. Our aim is to create a network in the Raval district and other areas of the city. Thus, we would welcome more institutions willing to collaborate in organizing Shakespeare festivals, such as the Romea Theatre, the Film Archive of Catalonia, the Barcelona University, the Centre for Contemporary Culture…

The productions of William Shakespeare’s plays established a core of the festival, but their formats were of great diversity.

La Perla 29, the theatrical production enterprise directed by Oriol Broggi, Julio Manrique as director of the Romea Theatre, FOCUS Group and our organizing team have shaped the new version of the Shakespeare Festival that was presented in the city of Barcelona in June 2013.












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