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Prince H.Universe


European Shakespeare Festivals Network in cooperation with our member- Hamletscenen Theatre (Denmark) is proud to announce that our new project has began. Prince H.Universe is a the one-man talk show in which the young host Prince H. discusses the universal everyday dilemmas facing teenagers today – told through the stories of ordinary people. Stories about family break-ups. About the death of a loved one. About sexuality. About the consequences of bullying on Facebook. And about body image, plastic surgery and the right to be yourself while still respecting the group.

In this way, Prince H. himself takes the lead and creates an interactive reflective space with room for everyone. On his journey, he is overcome by his own doubt – right or left – and asks the audience’s advice with great authenticity. In this meeting – one-to-one – vital and inclusive conversations with young people arise about strong feelings, feelings that may be both difficult to tackle and put into words on a busy school day. Prince H. Universe is continuously being developed with the help of schools, youth education programmes and other partners focusing on young people’s life skills and life opportunities.


43_The Universe of Prince H - Greg Goodale

Performance was so far successfully presented in Denmark. At the beginning of September actors Jakub Snochowski and Alex Sanz Amat have arrived to Helsingor where they will work with director Lars Romann Engel on polish and spanish adaptations of this play. More information & photos from this part of project  will be posted on our website soon.