ESFN annual meeting during York International Shakespeare Festival

Most of ESFN members have gathered  for annual meeting which was hosted during York International Shakespeare Festival.

Aim of the meeting was to present annual summary and discuss future projects and upcoming festivals. Festivals representatives from all over the Europe had also opportunity to enjoy York International Shakespeare Festival programme. ( more information is HERE)

Thank to our amazing hosts: Philip Parr-director of festival, Damian Cruder and Liz Wilson ( Theatre Royal) we had unique chance  to have guided tour of Theatre Royal and participate in festival performances and events.  One of them was lecture and exhibition „Hamlet in Elsinore” coorganised with Shakespeare  Festival at Hamlet’s Castle and conducted by Lars Romann Engel.

Participants:( although not all of them are on the picture below)

Philip Parr-York Shakespeare Festival

Joanna  Śniezko -Misterek- Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival, Poland

Iolanda Manescu- Craiova International Shakespeare Festival, Romania

Lars Romann Engel & Siegne Kristensen- Shakespeare  Festival at Hamlet’s Castle,Denmark

Tom Bird- Globe , UK

Marianna Varga- Shakespeare Festival in Gyuila,Hungary

Tess Tracy-Shake Nice, France

Michal Zukerman- Shakespeare Festival in Tel Aviw, Israel/ special guest

Meeting was organized by Parrabbola, Theatre Royal and Univeristy of York. Thank you for your kindness and warm welcome.