Summer with Shakespeare in Gdańsk

While some of Shakespeare Festivals in Europe have come to an end – Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival is still about to start. This year is very special because Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre will be opened on 19th September. Prelude to this event is cycle “Summer with Shakespeare”.  Its aim is to introduce audience ( both citizens and tourists who visit Gdańsk ) to the idea and activity of Shakespeare Theatre in Gdańsk by presenting short performances based on Shakespeare plays. The play ”Love scenes from Shakespeare”is performed in the open courtyard of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre which is an unique opportunity to visit this spot for the last time before the Grand Opening.
One of the spectator was Magdalena Cieślak who visited us and shared her reflexions on “Blogging Shakespeare” site :

“Shakespeare without words is nothing new, but Shakespeare without words, with pantomime and elements of acrobatics, with powerful background video images, and with electrifying live accompaniment of an electric cello is quite a new experience, especially when set in the yard of the brand new Shakespeare Theatre in Gdańsk.

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre is a beautiful minimalist building of black brick. While the final works are still continuing, its yard is already hosting a “Summer with Shakespeare” cycle. Love Scenes from Shakespeare’s Plays, a show by Teatr Sztuk from Wrocław, is the first performance of the cycle.”

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fig. 3 macbeth 1

Cycle ”Summer with Shakespeare” will last till 18th September and will surprise the audience with many more scenes from “Macbeth”, “The Tempest” or “The Merchant of Venice” in various way of performing: from puppet theatre to street theatre actions.