Parrabolla’s Romeo and Juliet in Craiova Shakespeare Festival

Parrabbola theater company performed all over the world working with diverse communities. They produce theatre that celebrates the people and places – this is theatre  made by people for people. Each piece is different and belongs to the community in which it is conducted.

Philip Parr is director of festivals, theater and opera director, whose productions have been watched and appreciated around the world. He was the founder and Artistic Director of Opera Spitalfields Market, London , Swaledale Festival, the Bath Shakespeare Festival and Cultural Festival programmer in  Bloomsbury and York .

Teatrulescu is an independent theater company in Craiova whose productions have been seen at numerous festivals in Romania. Teatrulescu supports and encourages young students and graduates ,giving them a platform for expression. The company created theatrical community.

This production, created for the International Shakespeare Festival in Craiova, Romania has  invaded the streets and public buildings in the city center. Along with fellow band members it  included more than 100 performers from the community who otherwise would not be able to participate or to be actively involved in the festival. The show was a „coctail” of circus, dance, parkour and running, music,  snacks and songs – all of which are ways to tell the story to a size scale public.