International Shakespeare Festival in Gyuila- Programme

   International Shakespeare Festival in Gyuila

9th June-15th July 2018

Since 2005 Gyula Castle Theatre has been organising the international Shakespeare Festival. The one week long Shakespeare Festival is part of the six-week all-arts festival program of Gyula Castle Theatre as an individual festival. In the last nearly 15 years the international Shakespeare Festival has become an important traditional program in Gyula.

In this year we will present different kinds of Hamlet performances and paraphrases, and – as a final play, our own production – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard. The festival will host so famous directors and companies as Nikolay Kolyada (Kolyada Theatre), Victor Frunza (Teatrul Metropolis Bucharest), Kelly Hunter (Flute Theatre). The world-wide known Tiger Lilles will be the Shakespeare Festival special guest. The world of The Tiger Lillies is dark, peculiar and varied, with moments of deep sadness, cruel black humour and immense beauty. Their concert will be an extraordinary experience for the audience.  In addition to the main programme, festival guests can enjoy renaissance and modern music concerts, street theatre performances, alternative theatrical performances, student performances, film screenings, Shakespeare conferences, and food from Shakespeare’s time – a festival of gastronomy. All these events give the festival a unique flavour.

9th-15th July       XIV. Shakespeare Festival, Gyula 2018 – Hamlet and Co.

                                Hungarian and foreign theatrical performances, music, conference



5th June               W. Shakespeare: Hamlet                                         Budapest – Vígszínház

19:00                      In the main roles: Géza Hegedűs D., Enikő Börcsök,

                                Attila Vidnyánszky jr., Béla Fesztbaum, Ákos Orosz,

                                Nóra Réti, Dániel Király, Attila Csapó, Áron Zoltán,

                                 Erzsébet Kútvölgyi, Vera Venczel, Károly Hajduk

                                 Directed by Enikő Eszenyi

                             Production of the Vígszínház

                             Ticket prices: HUF 2.750 – 1.500


9th-15th July       Workshop for high school students and university students

10:00 – 12:00         At the workshop the students can get to know the world of theatre

                                     under the guidance of teachers.


9th July                Professional film screening – Hamlet (1948) – English movie Chamber Hall

15:00                      Directed by Sir Laurence Olivier

                                       Admission free


9th July                Hamletman                                                                                   Chamber Hall

18:00                    Performed and directed by Imre Baksa

                             Participate: Zsolt Győrei

                             A performance of the Neptun Brigád (H)

                             Ticket price: HUF 1.400

9th July                Shakespeare’s Island                                                                       Lake Stage

21:00                    Directed by Pino di Buduo

                             Performance of the Theatro Potlach (I)

                             Ticket price: HUF 2.400


10th July              Professional film screening – Hamlet (1964) – Russian film drama Chamber                                                                                                                                                                        Hall

15:00                    Directed by Grigori Kozintsev

                             Admission free


9th, 11th, 14th July    Hamlet – Street theater performance                                       Around the Castle



10th July              W. Shakespeare: Hamlet                                                            Castle Stage

21:00                    Directed by Victor Ioan Frunza                                                                                                                            Performance of the Teatrul Metropolis in Bucharest /RO/

                             Ticket price: HUF 2.400


11th July              Professional film screening – Hamlet (1990)                         Chamber Hall

15:00                    – American-English movie

                                Directed by Franco Zeffirelli

                                       Admission free

11th July              W. Shakespeare: Hamlet                                                       Chamber Hall

18:00                    Directed by Nikolay Kolyada

                              A production of the Kolyada Theatre /RUS/

                             Ticket price: HUF 2.400


11th July              János Háy: Rák Jóska, the Danish prince – tragicomedy        Castle Stage

21:00                    In the main roles: Áron Őze, Gábor Jászberényi, Ferenc Pataki,

                                Ági Jókai, Vanda Kovács

                                Directed by Imre Sipos                                                                                          

                                Performance of the Chamber Theatre of Dunaújváros

                                Ticket prices: HUF 2.400 – 2.000 – 1.600


12th July              Professional film screening – Hamlet (1996) – English movie Chamber Hall

15:00                      Directed by Kenneth Branagh

                                Admission free

12th July              Gyula Chamber Orchestra’s Renaissance Concert              Chamber Hall

18:00                      Admission free


12th July              Hamlet, who is there?                                                                 Castle Stage

21:00                    Directed by Kelly Hunter                                                                                                                                        Performance of the Flute Theater /GB/

                             Ticket price: HUF 2.400


13th July              Professional film screening – Hamlet (2000) – American movie Chamber Hall

15:00                       Directed by Michael Almereyda

                                       Admission free

13th July              Hamlet                                                                                        Chamber Hall

18:00                    In the roles: Alina Berzunteanu, Richard Bovnosczi, Peter Kerek

                               A production of the Unteatru /RO/

                               Ticket price: HUF 1.800


13th July              Tiger Lillies – concert                                                                    Castle Stage

21:00                    On the stage appear: Martyn Jacques – vocal, accordion,

                                Adrian Huge – drums, Adrian Stout – contrabass

                                Ticket prices: HUF 2.800 – 2.200


14th July              Professional conference                                                          Public Library

11:00                      Admission free

14th July              Professional film screening – Hamlet (2009) – English movie Chamber Hall

15:00                      Directed by Gregory Doran

                                Admission free


14-15th July         Tom Stoppard: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead     Castle Stage

21:00                    In the main roles: Attila Harsányi, Antal Tege, Péter Novák

                                 Participate: Tiger Lillies

First night            Directed by Ernő Tapasztó

                                 Joint production of the Gyula Castle Theatre and the Arad Chamber


                                       Ticket prices: HUF 3.800 – 3.000 – 2.500

15th July              Professional film screening – Rosencrantz and                    Chamber Hall

15:00                      Guildenstern are dead (1990) – American movie

                                 Directed by Tom Stoppard

                                  Admission free


15th July              Shakespeare and János Térey                                                  Chamber Hall

18:00                    Conversation with the writer and presentation of his new novel:

                                Káli holtak

                               Admission free