Bitola Shakespeare Festival -programme

Bitola Shakespeare Festival 23rd-27th June 2019

Imagine the world and humanity came to an end, all our civilization, as we know it today, it’s supposed that it could be rebuilt and reconstructed solely based on the works of William Shakespeare.

No one has ever managed to outshine his genius, talent and vision.

This year, on the Bitola Shakespeare Festival we’ve “dealt with” a particularly interesting programme. The six plays on the main programme of the festival offer a fusion of disciplines and theatrical expressions, such as modern dramaturgy, dance, performances and powerful aesthetic stage visualization.

Inspired by the genius, the authors offer us another Shakespeare, one that is chewed, recycled, one that is commented on, rewritten, copied…Come to see theatre, to asses, to talk, to argue, to be amazed… In the end, truth will out… As long as our eyes glow…

Ilina Chorevska

Ivan Jerchich