11th Shakespeare Festival Gyula, 2015 programme

2nd-12th July      11th Shakespeare Festival Gyula, 2015



FULL PROGRAMME AVAILABLE HERE :Gyuila Shakespeare Festival

2nd July               Shakespeare in the eyes of contemporary fine artists

2nd July             W. Shakespeare: Richard IIIChinese National Theatre, Beijin

3rd July              Film screening:Twelfth Night or What You Will – Katona József Theatr

3rd July               W. Shakespeare: Twelfth Night or What You Will

4th July               Hamlet2.0                                                                                                                  

4th-5th July        W. Shakespeare: Twelfth Night or What You Will

5th July                Film screening: Shakespeare in Love – American comedy 1998          

6th July                W. S. OTHELLO – the Black Moor                                                                

7th July                Film screening: Richard III. – movie of the MTV with stars in the cast  

7th July               W. Shakespeare: Richard III Performance of the Theatre Base of

                                Zsámbék and the Manna Production

8th July                Film screening: The Merchant of Venice – American movie /2004/

8th July                Shakespeare’s contemporary music Concert of the Hungarian

                                Renaissance Resemble

9th July                Film screening:Romeo and Juliet

9th July                Shakespeare -Tchaikovsky : Romeo and Juliet 

10th-11th July     Who was Shakespeare?

10th July              Songs for Shakespeare Maria Joao’s Jazz Concert                                    

10th July              W. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

11th July              Shylock Performed by: Piotr Kondrat /PL                            

11th July              W. Shakespeare: King Lear of the Vörösmarthy Theatre from Székesfehérvár

12th July              Shakespeare and András Ferenc Kovács

12th July              W. Shakespeare: Timon of Athens