Shake Nice!24.01 – 11.02 2018

The Shake Nice! Festival is into its fourth year and will run from the 24th January to 11th February 2018. In true Shakespearean fashion, this festival is accessible, colourful and diverse – Shakespeare really is more contemporary then ever! As an integral part of the festival, Irina Book started an educational project in 2015 called « Shakespeare Freestyle! ». This project, working in partnership with schools based in Nice and the surrounding area, gives students the opportunity to perform Shakespeare during the festival, on the main stage of the magnificent TNN.  Classes will be able to choose between « A Midsummer night’s dream » and « Romeo and Juliet » which they will reinterpret freely in less than 30 minutes as the final weekend event of the festival.

Programme for 2018 edition of Shake Nice! :

– tempête! directed by Irina Brook

– Henry V directed by john risebero

– I, Malvolio, directed by Catherine Hargreaves

– William’s Slam, directed by Vincent Goethals

– A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Guy Pierre Couleau
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