The Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival01.08 – 09.08 2015

The Shakespeare Festival is the largest, cyclical, international theatre event, organised each year in the first week of August in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia (called TriCity). It is an international event combining performances’ presentations with artistic events, workshops, meetings with theatre creators. Its history begins in 1993, with the first Gdańsk Shakespeare Days, which later evolved into an international festival. The organizers are the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre and Theatrum Gedanense Foundation. (więcej…)

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Shakespeare im Globe Neuss Festival28.05 – 27.06 2015

It’s All Shakespeare! – The Globe and its Festival.

Who would have thought that the fast horses, winning jockeys and elegant ladies you usually see on a racecourse would, once a year, have to make way for the 100% pure pleasure of theatre. It’s a well-known fact that in Neuss many things are “a little different“. The visitor to the spacious city-centre racecourse in Neuss catches a sudden glimpse of an unusual, twelve-sided building with black and white shutters at its windows, standing under high poplars, between betting-hall and enclosure: The Globe. (więcej…)

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International Shakespeare Festival Craiova14.04 – 23.04 2016

.Measure_for_measure_Vaghtangov_Theatre_Moscow__Russia__2014 _1__Measure_for_measure__Marin_Sorescu_National_Theatre_of_Craiova__2008 _1_Macbeth__Meno_FortasTheatre__Vilnius__Lithuania__2008 _1_The_grand_inquisitor_Bouffes_du_Nord_Theatre__France__2008 _1_Woman_of_the_Sea__Change_Performing_Arts__2008 _2__Measure_for_measure__Marin_Sorescu_National_Theatre_of_Craiova__2008 _2_Macbeth__Meno_FortasTheatre__Vilnius__Lithuania__2008 _2_The_grand_inquisitor_Bouffes_du_Nord_Theatre__France__2008 _2_Woman_of_the_Sea__Change_Performing_Arts__2008 A_Midsummer_Night_s_Dream__New_Theatre_from_Hungary__2006 A_Midsummer_Night_s_Dream__O_KT_Municipal_Theatre_of_Vilnius__2006 A_Midsummer_Night_s_Dream__Propeller_Company__UK___2014 Apocalypse_after_Shakespeare__National_Theatre_Marin_Sorescu__Romania__2014 Comedy_of_Error__Propeller_Company__UK_ Hamlet__Germany__2010 Hamlet__Koreea__2010 Hamlet__Lithuania__2010 Hamlet__Piotr_Kondrat__2010 Hamlet__Poland__2010 Hamlet__Robert_Wilson__2010 Hamlet__Vilnius__2010 HOW_DO_YOU_LIKE_IT__National_Theatre_of_Budapest__2014 Julius_Caesar_Theatre_of_Yerevan__Armenia___2014 King_Lear_Mali_Theatre__Russia__2008 Macbeth__Noord_Theatre_Nederlands__Netherlands__2006 Meeting_Prospero__Academic_Theatre_Voskreseniya_in_Lvov__Ukraine___2014 Much_Ado_About_Nothing_Theatre_Shakespeare_s_Globe_in_London__UK___2014 Richard_III__National_Theatre_in_Beijing__China___2014 roduction_in_cooperation_with_the_National_Arts_Festival_and_Market_Theatre__South_Africa___2014 Romeo_and_Juliet__National_Theatre_of_Craiova__2006 Shylock___Poland__2014 Twelfth_Night__2006 Twelfth_Night__National_Theatre_of_Craiova__2006

The Romanian International Shakespeare Festival was founded in Craiova, Romania, in 1994, and took place every three years during its first five editions. Since 2006, it has taken place every two years. The main organizers of the festival are the National Theatre Craiova (represented by its General Managing Director, Mr. Mircea Cornisteanu) and the “William Shakespeare” Foundation (Presided by Mr. Emil Boroghina), and, since 2006, it has also taken place in Bucharest, in collaboration with Arcub, the Centre for Cultural Projects of the Bucharest City Hall and General Council. Another important partner is the Romanian Cultural Institute.


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York International Shakespeare Festival08.05 – 17.05 2015

The York International Shakespeare Festival is a major new cultural venture for York and for the North of England. It emerges from a new partnership between the York Theatre Royal, the University of York and Parrabbola.

With a 2000 year history, York is at one and the same time both Roman and Medieval, a military and mercantile centre, with a Victorian industrial heritage and a thriving modern outlook. One of the most beautiful and most historic cities in Britain, York was the powerhouse of the North of England in Shakespearean times and is the ideal location to reflect on the variety and complexity of Shakespeare as Europe’s playwright. (więcej…)

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Shakespeare Festival Gyula02.07 – 12.07 2015

The Gyula Castle Theatre operates in the court of the only brick castle that has survived in Central Europe. Between the beginning of July and 10th of August the guests are entertained with the best performances of historical and modern dramas, different forms of prosaic theatre, opera, musical, ballet, mediaeval courtyard-music, jazz, blues, classic-, folk-music concerts, puppet shows and folk and modern dance performances in the summer theatre. Not only the court of the fortress is turned into a theatre, but programmes of great variety are available on the nearby Lake-stage and on stages set up at different places in the town.

Since 2005 Gyula Castle Theatre has been organising the international Shakespeare Festival. The two-week Shakespeare Festival is part of the six-week all-art festival-program of Gyula Castle Theatre as an individual festival.The main programme of the Shakespeare Festival is:Every year it starts with one new production from Gyula, which appears on stage several times. Every year  it hosts at least three performances: one from inland and two from abroad. The festival hosted the best international artists’ works: Peter Brook, Robert Sturua, Eimuntas Nekrosius, Oskaras Korsunovas, Andrei Serban, Silviu Purcarete and many more. And the best Hungarian artists appear here, too.In addition to the main programme,  to colour the festival with the first appearance of theatrical performances and other genres in the sub-program, guests can enjoy renaissance and modern music concerts, street theatre performances, alternative theatrical performances, the performances of students of dramatic art, screening of films, Shakespeare conferences, and Shakespeare-time cuisine – gastronomy.

The performances were chosen after the suggestions made by the six-member Shakespeare Committee.

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Summer Shakespeare Festival Ostrava25.07 – 10.08 2015

The Shakespeare Festival at the Silesian-Moravian Castle is a festival which is a part of a large Czech-Slovak project called The Summer Shakespeare Festival. It has been held each summer (for the past 9 years) in Prague (CZ), Brno (CZ), Bratislava (SK),and it was also introduced to the public in Ostrava (CZ) and Kosice (SK) in 2008.

Here, in Ostrava, the festival is produced by PaS de Theatre s.r.o. company. It is the largest dramatic festival in the City of Ostrava and in the Moravian-Silesian region itself. Since 2008, the festival has been visited by about 40,000 visitors. It was a strong success, no free tickets left. We have also had the honour to bring The Krakow Theatre (Poland) with Mr Jerzy Stuhr performing “Richard III”. on two nights, “As you like it” by JAY production (Slovakia), “The tempest” (Schok – Prague) and “The comedy of errors” (PaS de Theatre – Ostrava). It is an advantage of the region, being so close to the borders of Poland and Slovakia, that we can  attract performers from those countries and interested visitors. As a continuous part of the festival, the organiser – PaS de Theatre – produces its own plays specifically for the purpose of the festival. We always use local artists or artists connected to the region. Our goal is to promote the local artistic community elsewhere – at the moment we always perform in Brno (CZ), Prague (CZ), Bratislava (SK) – and we hope to develop this further and perform at other festivals – if possible.

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Shakespeare’s Festival of Catalonia

The Shakespeare Festival was born in 2003 in Santa Susanna, a small town in the Maresme region (Catalonia – Spain).

In 2008, the festival moved to Mataró, the capital of the region, where the audience enjoyed its presence until 2010. Although we intended to spread our project throughout the Catalan territory, it was the city of Barcelona that hosted the 10th edition of Shakespeare Festival in 2013.

Managed by La Perla 29, the headquarters of the new festival is the Library of Catalonia, placed in a very heart of the Raval district. We hope that the Gothic nave of the Library will become a special place for our Shakespeare Lovers. Our aim is to create a network in the Raval district and other areas of the city. Thus, we would welcome more institutions willing to collaborate in organizing Shakespeare festivals, such as the Romea Theatre, the Film Archive of Catalonia, the Barcelona University, the Centre for Contemporary Culture…

The productions of William Shakespeare’s plays establish a core of the festival, but their formats are of great diversity. We desire to produce art, to co-produce and stage performances in the Shakespearean atmosphere but with a modern touch.

La Perla 29, the theatrical production enterprise directed by Oriol Broggi, Julio Manrique as director of the Romea Theatre, FOCUS Group and our organizing team have shaped the new version of the Shakespeare Festival that was presented in the city of Barcelona in June 2013.

The next editions of the Festival will be held in Autumn.










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Shakespeare International Theatre Festival named after Vahram Papazyan

The Yerevan International Shakespeare Festival named after Vahram Papazian was founded in 2004 by director Hakob Ghazanchian and Shakespeare scholar Andrzej Żurowski. For the first three years, only festivals of monodrama performances were held and the mono performances with a Shakespearean subject were invited to Yerevan. Since 2004, the festival has been expanded and, in parallel with mono performances, big performances were also invited to Yerevan. The festival organisers are currently thinking of returning to the solo format, since that type of performance is a unique and rare Shakespeare laboratory, not only for the actors and the director but for the audience as well. For the last few years, during the Yerevan International Shakespeare Festivals named after Vahram Papazian we have presented the theatre groups of P. Brook, D. Donnellan and I. Brook, the theatres of Sh. Rustavelli and S. Abashidze (Tbilisi), the Artistic theatre named after A. Chekhov and  „Et Cetera” theatre (Moscow), as well as famous actors and directors from various countries of the world.

In 2014 people all over the world will be celebrating 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s Birthday. The president of Theatre Workers Union Hakob Ghazanchyan  speaking about Shakespeare International festival in Yerevan told, ”The festival takes place 19th -22nd  of March, 2014. Armenian theatre being  stricktly linked with the Great Englishman,  continues to refer to his heritage every year staging new performances. This year Shakespeare International Festival after V. Papazyan will be dedicated to Shakespeare’s anniversary. Within the frames of the festival directors of European Shakespeare Festival Network will visit Yerevan”.

During the festival the Armenian – Georgian International project  ”King Lear” will  be premiered.  Hakob Ghazanchyan is the director of the performance. Several  performances  based on Shakespeare’s works  will be shown. International conference ”Shakespeare in the crossroads of contemporary theatre” will take place within the frames of the festival.

Shakespeare festival program

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Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle01.08 – 09.08 2015

The Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle is the Danish event, which in 1816 inaugurated the Shakespeare tradition at Kronborg Castle. Spectacular, surprising, world-class interpretations of Shakespeare, staged and performed by some of the most highly acclaimed performers and theatre companies in the world today. The performances are presented outdoors in the courtyard of Kronborg Castle each year in August.

Full 2015 programme is here


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Globe to Globe Festival



Globe to Globe

Globe to Globe is an international celebration of Shakespeare, at the Globe in London and around the world. It began with the 2012 Globe to Globe festival, and continues with the Globe’s extraordinary attempt to tour Hamlet to every country in the world between April 2014 and April 2016. Furthermore, every year Shakespeare’s Globe invites a number of international productions of Shakespeare as part of its summer theatre season.

Globe to Globe 2012

Between April and June 2012, Shakespeare’s Globe invited artists from all over the world to take part in its hugely ambitious multi-lingual Globe to Globe Festival as part of the London 2012 Festival. For the first time ever, 37 international companies performed all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays in 37 different languages. Over 85,000 tickets were sold, many people taking advantage of multiple ticket offers to come back again and again to enjoy the enormous variety on stage. There were nearly 4,000 bookings for multiple shows from over 77 countries, and over 36,000 theatre-goers saw a production for only £5 with 117 people running the theatrical marathon of seeing every production for £100 with the Matinee Yard Olympian.

The Globe’s aim to open the doors to London’s many diverse communities to see Shakespeare performed in their own languages vastly exceeded expectations. 80% of bookings comprised new audiences coming to the Globe for the very first time, an extraordinary achievement of which the Globe is proud. The theatre received enthusiastic reactions from both audiences and visiting companies as they relished the interplay of Shakespeare performed and experienced in their native tongue – in Bangla, Polish, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Urdu, Turkish, Mandarin, Arabic to mention a few. Language proved no barrier and feedback from English-speaking audiences revealed delight and fascination in savouring Shakespeare in other languages, allowing them to discover new perspectives of his plays and to enjoy the rich array of cultures. Also in one of many firsts created by the festival, a Shakespeare play was performed in its entirety in British Sign Language festival.

Globe to Globe presented 14 world premieres in addition to the many productions created especially for the festival. In a herculean feat of logistics, the Festival Director Tom Bird and his team brought 37 visiting companies, many of the world’s greatest directors and over 600 actors from across the globe to Shakespeare’s Globe. Companies received a warm welcome followed by a break-neck 3-day schedule of rehearsal, technical rehearsal, and two performances on consecutive days, an equally warm send off, then home. Visiting companies were thrilled to be performing within the Globe’s ‘wooden O’ and to experience the uniqueness of the space.

Nikita Milivojevic, director of National Theatre Belgrade, commented: “I was thinking that if I have to choose some moments from my theatre life until now, last night was the one that I am going to remember forever”.

Kyu Choi from South Korea’s Yohangza Theatre Company added: “As an artist, if you’re really into Shakespeare’s work, performing in Shakespeare’s home at the Globe, that’s a great honor for us.”

Rawiri Paratene of Ngākau Toa from New Zealand said: “The first time I stepped onto the Globe stage, I said to myself, I would love to return one day with the troupe of Maori actors because we would be right at home on this stage. Last night, our company did the Maori Troilus and Cressida and we did it in a language to an audience that had mostly no knowledge of our language – some scene by scene sub-titles to help them along with the story. And they laughed at us, they cried with us, they sat through it and at the end they stood up and yelled and cheered and that was a blast to do that.”

Dominic Dromgoole, Artistic Director of the Globe, concludes: “Globe to Globe has proved the most extraordinary pulling together of high art, compelling story-telling, and powerful acts of community. It has wildly exceeded our expectations, and proved an unforgettable experience for visiting artists and new audiences.”

Ruth Mackenzie, Director, London 2012 Festival, said: ‘The ambition of the London 2012 Festival is to show new audiences world class art. The Globe has exceeded expectations by gaining 80% of bookings through new audiences, many of whom were from the communities represented on stage. This will be a great encouragement to events taking place across the UK this summer for the London 2012 Festival.’

Globe to Globe 2012 was part of the World Shakespeare Festival for the London 2012 Festival, the cultural celebrations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The World Shakespeare Festival and Globe to Globe is funded by the National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery Distributor.

Globe to Globe Hamlet

On 23 April 2014 – the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth – Shakespeare’s Globe will embark on a two-year global tour of Hamlet that will take in every country in the world. The ‘Globe to Globe Hamlet’, directed by the Globe’s Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole, will be a completely unprecedented theatrical adventure.

The small company of actors will travel to all nations in the world to stage Hamlet in a huge range of unique and atmospheric venues, from town squares to national theatres. They will travel by boat, train, car and aeroplane, planning their routes across the seven continents to minimise the tour’s carbon footprint as much as possible.

The tour is already scheduled to play in some of the most extraordinary locations on Earth – further announcements will be made later in the year. To see where we are going visit


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